This section contains errors and omissions in the first printing of the book.


Acknowledgments add the following note: “This book is partially based on the material and arguments from my doctoral dissertation at Charles University, entitled Osmibitové „poblouznění“: Počátky kultury počítačových her v Československu (8-bit Craze: The Origins of Computer Gaming Cculture in Czechoslovakia).

The list of thanks adds a thank you to Abhimanyu Das, who helped me nail the style and language for the book.

Chapter 1

p. 4, last line “no organized resistance” should read “no armed resistance”

Chapter 3

p. 92, penultimate line “his international fame protected him” should read “his international fame partially protected him”

Chapter 7

p. 209, last line – the list “pamphlets, leaflets, samizdat periodicals, and simple personal communication” should add “student papers”


p. 219, third line above the “We have never been indie” subtitle, should start with “and” – “and the Czechoslovak women’s…”


p. 350, “TRS 80” should read “TRS-80”