This section contains errors and omissions in the first printing of the book.


Acknowledgments add the following note: “This book is partially based on the material and arguments from my doctoral dissertation at Charles University, entitled Osmibitové „poblouznění“: Počátky kultury počítačových her v Československu (8-bit Craze: The Origins of Computer Gaming Culture in Czechoslovakia).

The list of thanks adds a thank you to Abhimanyu Das, who helped me nail the style and language for the book.

Chapter 1

p. 4, last line “no organized resistance” should read “no armed resistance”

Chapter 3

p. 92, penultimate line “his international fame protected him” should read “his international fame partially protected him”

Chapter 4

p. 113, the Blažek brothers are misidentified; the caption should identify them as “Filip (left) and Kryštof”

Chapter 5

p. 137, the name behind Busysoft is “Slavomír Lábsky”, not “Labský”. Apologies for the typo!

Chapter 7

p. 209, last line – the list “pamphlets, leaflets, samizdat periodicals, and simple personal communication” should add “student papers”


p. 219, third line above the “We have never been indie” subtitle, should start with “and” to read “and the Czechoslovak women’s…”


p. 276, note 123, the date of the letter is November 4, 1988, not 1989.

p. 291, note 111, “Wasiak” should read “Maher” and the reference should be “Maher, The Future Was Here, p. 182”.


p. 350, “TRS 80” should read “TRS-80”

Throughout the book, the name of the Sharp MZ-800 machine should be spelled with the “MZ-800” instead “MZ 800”.